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There is a 10% non refundable deposit on the total chick amount that will lock your place in line for the waiting list. If the deposit is not made for your order and someone comes before you and puts their deposit in then they get your spot.  As of right now deposits can be made through our Paypal Address skylinepoultry@gmail.com with a message of how many you'd like of which gender and any other information you'd like to inform us with.

We are selling chicks right now with our waiting list being added to daily.

Fertile eggs are available as of now in limited amounts.

Male chicks are not going be available but Female chicks are $150.00 a piece right now. Fertile eggs are $50.00 a piece. There is no minimum on eggs. If you want one then we will ship you one.

What would happen if you crossed Lavender over a Black Patterned Gold Duckwing?  You would get Lavender Patterned Isabel Duckwings!

 Introducing for the first time in the United States if not the WORLD the very first Isabel Welsummers.  Finally there is a new color to be added to this already well known breed. Isabel Welsummers are a sight to see in bright green grassy fields with their soft creams and blondes laid over lavender with light hints of cinnamon.  Imagine beautiful pastel colors accenting your landscape.

 Like with all breeds of birds there will never be an end to perfecting and preserving them. This is why we went ahead and decided to release them this year to others who would like to take on this new color to their own lines of Welsummers to help us keep improving and perfecting this wonderful new color pattern to spread across the nation. Or if you would rather just have some glamorous eye candy roaming your back yard then this is your chance to be the first to get them.

  I do believe this is the start to something new in other breeds as well. Isabel's have been in the UK for some time now but not yet been seen over here until now to the best of our knowledge. Already in the States we have Isabel Leghorns and Isabel Polish Crested Top Hats being worked on by other people as you read this.

 This is our fifth generation of Isabel Welsummers and it never gets dull watching them feather out after a molt to see their new colors blossom. The experience I've had with all my Isabels it takes a little longer for males to Molt but the wait is well worth it. My Isabel Welsummer males are still coming in off their molts right now so glamour pictures are still on hold.  But I'll show you pictures of them now.


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